Visitation Dreams: Dreaming of Someone You Know Who Has Died

Have you ever dreamed of someone who has died and wondered whether they are actually communicating with you?

Today I thought I would explain these types of dreams (I call them visitation dreams) and help you understand them better, as well as assure you that you’re not crazy if you find yourself talking to dead people in your dreams.

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Are Visitation Dreams Really Possible?

There is no scientific evidence that visitation dreams are actually possible. But that does not mean they are impossible! Ask any of the thousands of people who have had visitation dreams, and you will find that many people believe they are indeed real. There are also many well respected and well known psychics who will tell you that communicating with the dead in our dreams is very much indeed possible.

One of the common beliefs that the reason we have visitation dreams is because the dream world bridges the gap between the living and the spiritual worlds, making it easier for passed on loved ones to communicate with us.

However, there are also many beliefs that visitation dreams are not real, but more of a release dream, remembering the good things about a person, or expressing our love/sorrow for a person.

To help you understand the difference between visitation dreams and other dreams, I have decided to write a comprehensive post on this topic that will help you better understand the meaning of your dream of a deceased person.

A Few Examples of Visitation Dreams:

My first visitation dream was when I was six or seven years old. I don’t really remember all the details of the dreams (it has been over two decades since the dream now!) – but I do remember my grandmother coming to me, telling me she loved me, and saying Good-bye. She didn’t actually say good-bye, but I knew in the dream that was why she was there.

I woke up, knowing she was gone. Sure enough a few minutes later my mother called the house to let us know what I already knew from my dream.

My second visitation dream happened when I was 12 and involves my other grandmother, who called me on the telephone and left a message on the answering machine in the dream (yes, we still had answering machines back then!). It gave me a feeling of great love and excitement to hear from her. She was very clearly leaving me a message!

Since then, I’ve had a number of different visitation dreams, mostly from relatives and close friends who have passed on. In every visitation dream, there have always been some very clear characteristics of the dream for me to know it was truly a visitation dream and not just a release dream.

Some of the Common Characteristics of Visitation Dreams:

To help you identify whether your dream is indeed a visitation dream or just a regular release dream, I made a list of some of the common characteristics of visitation dreams.

The Dream Makes Total Logical and Sequential Sense: Dreams don’t always make sense in the order of things happening. In a release dream for example, you might be flying one minute to driving a car the next. You don’t see yourself go from flying to driving – you just are. In visitation dreams however it is different. Things are very logical and sequential. In one dream for example, I very logically walked down a street, then through a tunnel to where the deceased person was.

The Dream is Vivid and Feels Very Real: A visitation dream will feel like it’s really happening and you will feel as if you are awake during the dream and aware of everything happening in the dream. If you have ever had a lucid dream, you will see some very similar characteristics. The dream will be very life-like and real feeling.

The Person Will Be Well: To dream of someone sick/injured usually means you are not having a visitation dream. This is because once someone passes away, they no longer have a body that can get sick or injured, and they have been reconnected with the energy of the universe. You will likely see them as they appeared in normal every day life.

There is Usually a Very Clear Message: Most of the time we will get messages of reassurance and love from those who have passed on. Occasionally we will get other messages, which we certainly should not ignore. After all, it takes a great amount of energy for someone’s spirit to communicate with you. The message is usually quite clear and obvious – no need to waste time or energy! That is why my grandmother left a message on the machine, to ensure I would know she was trying to communicate with me. Sometimes, you will also just “know” in the dream the message, as I did with the first dream of my grandmother.

You Will Know it Is Not Just a Memory: You will usually feel a feeling that says “that was really them” – not just a memory of the person. If you feel like the dream was just remembering that person, it was probably not a true visitation dream.

You Will Wake Up With Feeling of Love and Peace: You will wake up with a sense of peace and love when you have a visitation dream.

How to Be Open to Having Visitation Dreams

If you are wondering how to have a visitation dream, there are some things you can do to help open yourself up to communicating with a loved one who has passed away. This is called “programming your dreams” and it is a good habit to do at night anyways, even when you are not looking to have a visitation dream.

Practice Meditation Before Bed: Meditation can greatly help you with calming your body and soul to help you be more open to receiving your dreams. Guided meditation can help you get started with meditation if you have never tried it before. You can also just try some deep breathing exercises which will help relax your body and your mind.

Affirm You are Open to Communicating With the Person: Sometimes you need to say affirmations that you want to see the person. This is because subconsciously you may be unsure or afraid of having such as dream. Say to yourself, “I am open to dreaming about [insert person here] and would like to receive a message from them” or another similar affirmation. It may take several attempts, but after several nights or weeks, this will increase your likelihood of dreaming about the person.

Have you had a visitation dream? What was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

  1. gloria loudermilk

    I have had visitation dreams from a dear friend, and my father and mother. My friend called me on the phone in my dream to tell me she was fine and we talked for hours it seemed. This was about 6 months after she died. My Dad called me in a dream 2 weeks after he had died and his voice was so clear that I absolutely knew it was him-no doubt.I believe that he came through to me so soon after his death because he (and I) are fans of Sylvia Browne and have read her books and believe that there is life after physical death. So we were prepared. My Mom passed and after 2 months I had not had a dream visitation from her and I was getting upset. Then I had a dream visitation from my dear friend again and in the middle of the dream she said “I think there is someone here that you want to see” and my Mom came in the dream-smiling and telling me she had just gotten her hair done and she twirled around to show me,and was gone. My friend just laughed and I was so grateful that she showed my Mom how to come thorough to me in a dream. My Mom was one of those ladies who always had their hair done in a beauty salon every week and when she no longer wanted to go, we knew she was incredibly ill. Since then, I have had 2 more visitation dreams from my Mom (now that she knows how!) and my Dad, too. All were extremely vivid, comforting, and left me feeling that they were fine and happy,and that they loved me.

  2. Dee

    Is it possible for somebody to have a visitation dream for somebody else or some that that related to the their partner?
    I’m boyfriend of many years has described to me what sounds a lot like a visitation dream, a very real dream from my nan who died 10 months ago who he had only met once. Im a very deep sleeper who rarely remembers my dreams where as my partner is a regular dreamer. The visitation was my nan asking a question about a current sitttution that she didnt known anything about when she was alive as she had alzheimer’s disease for the last 3 years which required 24 hour care. Can the dead ask questions in dreams?

  3. Mandy G

    I’ve had visitation dreams recently, which is what lead me to this site. I wasn’t aware there was a difference but now I can tell which dreams were visitation dreams and which ones were just remembering. Lately, in the last week alone, I’ve had two dreams of an ex that’s passed on. He was a best friend for many years when we were young kids, then we dated shortly and lost touch when I moved. I hadn’t talked to him for several years when he died and it was very shocking news. I felt a lot of anger over his death (self inflicted) but he came to me a few months later. His visit was so “real” and I woke with a sense of peace, understanding. It was exactly what I needed. Since then, I’ve had a few other dreams from him, two in the last week. I’ve also had a visit from another best friend from high school. I’ve missed him dearly and used to go out to his gravesite every year. He came to me once and it was like we used to be. I felt comfortable with him, yet I knew he wasn’t alive. He talked to me about his wreck and told me about his experience. I wondered when I woke up, if it was really his “experience” or just my own imagination but there’s was a huge sense of peace with the dream.

  4. carl

    i have read so many posts about animal and pet communication, I just recently lost my Rabbit called Obi,he was fine in the morning on Saturday then i found him slumped on the floor and he was struggling to breath and couldn’t lift his head , by the time i got him to the vet he passed away in my daughters arms just before the vet could get to him.Later that night i was on my sofa searching for answers on the internet i was on my own in the dark in tears, suddenly some of Obi’s fur floated in through the kitchen door and landed on my right hand i thanked him for showing his presence, was it Obi or just coincidence,i also read that if you ask your pet who has passed this life to visit you just so you know they are ok, so i asked for him to let me know if he was ok, i also asked my gran who passed away many years ago to help him find his way, i was so drained and upset i went to bed.

    0700 am my alarm went off i was so tired i pressed the snooze button which would last another 10 mins, as i dozed off i saw Obi at my feet glistening brown eyes looking up at me , hello Obi i said with great joy and happyness, i looked up and we were in some kind of wood or forest next to a tree with a whitish mist in front of us, Obi the looked at the mist then looked back at me , he did this twice after the second time he looked at the mist he turned and sprung up kicking his back legs out like his playful self and he went into the mist at the point he went i woke up and this time i felt like i was relived and some of the burden has gone there was still 6 mins left until the snooze alarm would go off , i thanked him for showing me he was ok and not in pain.

    Was this a dream visitation of obi telling me everything is going to be ok and he has found where he needs to go or is this the result of my concious thoughts from reading other peoples stories and post.
    will i ever see him again will we be together again when its my time or will he return in a different form how will i know.

  5. A

    I had a very vivid visitation dream last week and I’m still a bit shaken up by it. I’m in a house that in real life I don’t recognize but it doesn’t feel foreign in the dream. There is a tall brown-haired man in his late 30s/early 40s with me but I don’t know who he is or what our relationship is supposed to be. Suddenly I hear a knock at the front door, which is painted white and has a similar design as this door ( The bottom is wood and the top is glass with wood outlining squares. As a result, you can see the through the top portion glass. When I hear the knock, I turn and look at the door and immediately recognize that it’s my grandmother who died 3 1/2 years go. I exclaim, “Oh my god, that’s my dead grandmother. Am I hallucinating? Am I seeing this, right?” I turn to the man with him and say “Do you see her too? Tell me she’s really here.” And he says, “I see her too. She’s really here.”

    I run to the door and open it and she’s standing there, smiling with a blue dress on with white on it. She looks like my grandmother did about 20 years ago. She’s heavier than she was when she died (as she was 20 years ago) and doesn’t appear to be suffering at all from Parkinsons (as she wasn’t 20 years ago). There may have been someone with her – standing behind her and a bit in the distance but I don’t know who this person is and I didn’t acknowledge them in the dream.

    I hug her as soon as I open the door. We embrace. It feels wonderful. I tell her, “I can’t believe you’re here! How are you here?” And she just smiles. We have a conversation that I can’t remember and she hands me a book. I look down at the book (I cannot recall what book this is) and when I look back up again to her – she’s gone. Disappeared into thin air.

    I wake up and immediately remember this dream and freak out because it was extremely vivd and real. It’s been over a week and it’s still extremely vivid and real and actually brought me to tears while writing this. I haven’t cried about my grandmother in years. I’m a bit upset I can’t figure out the message in this dream. We both loved books and I recently found a manuscript she wrote about our family history and I’m considering whether she was trying to communicate with me about that. I am known as the family historian and have been pondering how and if I should publish her manuscript. She also came to me in a dream 4 days after she died but the only thing I remembered is that she told me to stop crying because she’s happy. The next morning I woke up and didn’t cry again about her until 3 1/2 years later when I had this dream.

    • Terri

      I think she wants you to write that book. That was her stamp of approval.

  6. Terri

    I dreamed that I layed in my bed watching TV with my dead father.We held hands in a very natural and comfortable way. He told me he had to leave soon because his boyfriend was waiting for him. But he wasn’t gay, I am. He died before I came out of the closet.I think wanted give his approval.

  7. ali

    some might think its crazy but last night i dreamed Paul Walker and the dream was so real and i actually felt everything.i still have the chills on my my dream i was with my husband in a hotel and we were looking for a room,then he suddenly dissapeard and i went looking for him,i was so upset couse he left me alone.i couldnt find him inside and i went outside.outside there was Paul with other 2 or 3 guys next to a metal chain fence and they were all looking at me.Paul was standing up dressed with a black leather jacket and with the hands in his jeans pockets ,another guy with black medium hair was sitting down with something to drink in his hand.Paul looked at me,(i was so scared)and put his hands on my back and he took me down the street and he was tryng to show me something but i couldnt see bicouse it was dark outside and only the a street light was open,but he was tryng so hard to tell me something and he tried to push me down the street but i was to afraid to go.i turned my head to the left and there was an old blue ford pick up truck.i looked in the back there was no hotel anymore ,there was an old house and the entry had no door and had no light.Paul was still pushing me so hard down the street and i got scared and i ran to that entry and when i tried to get in i could couse suddenly in front of that entry appeard a big mountain of dirt.I climbed up on and try to give land to the side so I can go in,but i couldnt and I slipped back.i turned around they were looking at me and Paul smilling told me that its not easy to go through that door and then i woke up.They were upset and the house was at crossroad.I still remeber the words”THERE IS NO POINT ON DOING THAT”.
    i never met him but i was and still am upset couse he died.the dream was so real that i thought it was acctually real.its like all 3 were waiting for something or someone…….sorry for my english…

  8. ali

    i have many vivid dreams and sometimes i have dreams that will happen after a month or a week.some call it deja vu.
    but i never dream the lottery numbers:)))))))

  9. ali

    every time i dream my brother(he died 14 years ago) something bad happens.its like he is warning me through my dreams.i know it sounds weird but it is true.and once i was soooooo upset and crying and i felt like a warm hand on my back and suddely i felt good ,i just stopped crying and i knew everything was going to be ok and it was.i just couldnt believe.

  10. claire

    hi i think i may have had my dad come to me in a dream last nite but not sure if it was real. he just turned round and give me the biggest smile u could get and he looked younger but really happy and i said in the dream arnt u dead and he said yes.. he then said something about 2 weeks but dont no wot it was thats the first time in 15 years i have ever dreamed about my dad… he looked so loving and very bright we was both happy in the dream x

  11. Judith

    I actually had two visitation dreams:
    The first dream:
    When I was younger (in the second grade), I dreamt that I was at a cook-out at my grandparent’s house. I was outside in the backyard when my Grandmother asked me to tell my cousins, who were inside the house, that it was time to eat. So, I headed upstairs through the back door, walked through the kitchen and passed the bathroom. As I was walking past the bathroom, the light was on and there was my Grandfather shaving himself. I proceeded to walk past the bathroom, through the dining room ( which was right in front of the living room, where my cousins were) and took a seat in a chair that was near the front door (I was so confused, because I knew that he passed away, so how could I see him shaving in the bathroom). My Grandfather turned off the light in the bathroom, and walked out. He looked over the chair and gave me a smile and said, “Goodbye Karen”, and walked out of the front door.
    I will never forget this dream, I remember it as it was yesterday. I realized that he was trying to say goodbye to me (I had a real hard time with his death… it was my first experience)(also, there was a lot of confusion… I often wondered why were we partying and he just died… of course many years later I realized that we were just celebrating his life). I dreamt the exact same dream again, trying to saying good bye to him after he said it to me (but that is what I cannot remember… if I was able to say goodbye or not… I think that I did, because I never dreamt about him again, or maybe if I didn’t get to say it to him, he understands what I was trying to do).

    My other dream:
    I often visited this Jamaican store with my mother, when I was younger. There was a room in the back, where my grandfather and some other men often played dominoes/cards (I cannot remember exactly) and I would always go back there and give him a hug.
    In my dream, My mother and I went to the same Jamaican store to get a few things, and when I walked near the deep freezer, I heard the voices and laughter of some men. So, I walked to the back room (standing in the door way), and there was my Grandfather, sitting down playing a game with his friends (I’m not sure if he said anything to me, or just smiled at me). I slowly walked out of the room and leaned on the deep freezer, baffled once again, because I knew that he died, so how could I see him playing games with his friends.
    I’m not really sure of the order of the dreams, but I would like to thank you, for allowing me to re-live some wonderful memories of my dear Grandfather.

  12. Anita

    If have dreamt of my long passed grandfather,I speak to him only and ask him how is it possible you are here and he has just smiled, never spoken out to me. Is this some kind of message?

  13. Connie

    Throughout my life, I have had premonition dreams about death that all came to fruition, as well as visitation dreams from the deceased. Just last night, I dreamt about my ex-husband who recently passed from cancer. We had not spoken for about 17 years. Although he was very much a part of our child’s life, there was no closure on how our marriage ended. He lived and died with no remorse for how he had abused me in our marriage. As good as he was to our daughter, he and I had unresolved issues. This visitation dream changed everything. He came to me in peace, his face filled with happiness and his spirit whole. I could see and sense that there was no longer any trace of the troubled man he was here on earth. He reached out and placed his hand on mine. No words were spoken, but the message was crystal clear. I awoke feeling a sense of peace and closure that I had never felt before. As I told my daughter, now 21 this dream; tears welled up in her eyes. There was a time I wondered why I had such morbid premonitions, why the deceased always come to me in my dreams. I now understand why.

  14. I have had loads of dream visitations and they are doubt one of the most strangest and surreal experiences I have ever had. Every time I think about my experiences I get a warm glow and a feeling of awe.

  15. vanessa

    i dreamed about my son’s father i sat in a car and watched him run around and around he seemed confused or in a hurry around some blue apartments i don’t think he knew i was there because he never looked at me but for some reason i waited and watched as if he was going to get in the car but i never honked i woke up about 3 am i sat up thinking what was that all about weird i thought to myself and went to bed later i found out later he was shot and found dead at some apartments the same color i dreamed of at the exact time i woke up from my dream he was dying? what does that mean? what was he trying to say? i have had dreams of him after that but i can’t ever see his face or hear his voice/ i remeber one dream i heard his voice over the phone and he said i was mad at him
    he hugged me and i cried in his arms i need to know what and why he tried to tell me? can anyone answer that

  16. Breanna

    My Mother passed away suddenly, two months ago. I had my first dream about her a few nights ago. I’m not sure if it was a “visitation dream” however, in my dream, my Mother was alive and sitting in a chair (in the hospital, where she died), and I saw her hand and I held her hand. I was relieved to know she was “alive”. The dream seemed very “vivid” to me, as I remember every detail. Was this a “visitation” dream? Was she letting me know that she is okay?

  17. GG

    Let me start off by saying I am a teenager. I am very close with my next-door neighbors, their whole family taking me in as one of their own. A family member of theirs passed away a tad bit over a year ago at the age of 19. I haven’t seen him in YEARS, but just the other night I had a dream about him. In my dream, I was over at my neighbors house getting ready for an event (my neighbor does hair & makeup). As I was leaving, I walked out the front and saw “him” in the car of his parents. (his parents aren’t my neighbors) In my dream, I knew he passed away but I still said hi to him, and he said hi back. He then appeared at my side and walked me home. Before I went inside, he told me how gorgeous I looked to which I had said thanks. I then walked up the steps to my house and when my mom opened the door, I turned around to see “he” was gone. That was the end of my dream and I had woken up, and after reading this article I know that it was a visitation dream. :)

  18. Celia

    Thanks for this guide! What you said about the visitaion dream is so true, it really feels as if that person is there, and its a much clearer dream than even a lucid dream. I dreamt of my dad shortly after he passed. Actually I had two, but the first dream I just was taking in the details of him because he looked ao well and that is how I wanted to remember him, not as the sick man he was at the end. The second dream was much more amazing. I asked him “how do I know its really you and not just part of my dream” (I asked this because of how real he seemed). He answered “ask mum about the slippers”. It took me a few weeks before I asked my mum, because I felt a bit silly but she knew right away what I was talking about. She said that he had a pair of new slippers which he ended up not wearing because he became so very ill at the end and were given to a friend of my mothers after he died.

  19. Celia

    I would agree. The link you posted to that door was historic house parts! Sounds like a big message to me.

  20. Pina Petrolo

    Our brother-in-law and my husband’s business partner passed away about 4 months within 3 weeks of being diagnosed with Cancer. My husband has had several dreams however the most recent one was the longest and most clear. My husband was in his office at work and our brother-in-law walks in and my husband is shocked to see him. He tells him he died and was cremated but my brother-in-law insists that it wasn’t him and when asked where he’s been all these months just answers he’s been away. He asks to be brought up to speed on what’s been going on at work since he left. They go about their day, go over files and then leave for a job site, and it ends when he woke up. Two things that stood out to my husband was that, as in previous dreams he always goes to stand in a specific spot. He operated machinery and he always stands in an unusual spot never where he usually stood. Another thing was when they left to go see a client they’re happen to be 2 identical cars and he was going towards the wrong one. Was could this mean? Is he OK?

  21. Christina

    My mother passed 9 months ago. I am sharing with my dad and siblings the dreams we have had of her. This article hits on all the points. It’s amazing. I haven’t heard from her in a few months. Thanks for sharing about the meditation and such. I am going to try that!

  22. Elizabeth

    I’ve had two dreams that have stuck with me. I’m glad to give them a name now, because I’ve always felt that they weren’t just dreams. They were indeed visitations.
    The first one was just all black and my grandmother’s face appeared and came very close to my face and she said, “Remember…cling to the Holy Family.” She was a very faith-filled woman, so it made total sense for her to say this. I immediately woke up and I remember feeling as if I had actually heard her voice, felt her whisper, close to my ear. That entire day, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. When I returned home after work, there was a message on my voice-mail saying Grandmom was dying and I needed to fly home.
    The second visitation dream I had was a year ago. My husband and I were going through some difficulties. In my dream, my husband and I were at the beach. We were in the ocean, trying so hard to break through the waves to get to the shore, but it was too difficult, and we were struggling. I looked to my right, and there was my dad (who had passed away about 6 years prior). He was about 10 feet down the shore, dressed in a beautiful, bright white gown, and he just glided gently and easily through the waves and onto the shore. He looked right at me with a meaningful look, like he was saying, “Look. Things are hard in life and you will struggle. But, look at me. It gets easier.” It was amazing and very powerful for me. Not only did it give me encouragement but also comfort that he is in a good place.

  23. Carrie

    My father committed suicide almost five years ago, and I’ve never really come to peace with his death. I have accepted that he is no longer here, but to fully accept that someone who projected himself as this happy, laughing, wonderful person is no longer here is difficult. He killed himself after he and his second wife divorced, and she invited a new man to live in the house where they had lived together (which was his house, but he was letting her stay there until she picked up the pieces of her life, because she was a recovering alcoholic who had relapsed: the main reason for their divorce). This new man even shared his name.

    I new my dad was unhappy, but had I really looked I would have seen the signs. SHOULD have seen the signs. We spent a lot of time together before he died. He helped me paint my entire house (finishing up business and making sure I was taken care of), then we went to visit my sister who lives a thousand miles away. I took pictures of him and his first grandson, and when we were finished he said, “There, now he’ll know what his grandpa looked like.” I looked at him funny and said, “Why wouldn’t he know what his grandpa looked like?” I thought he meant because we didn’t see them very often.

    The last time I saw him was on Father’s Day in 2009, the day after my birthday, and a couple days before his birthday. I gave him a hug and kiss as I passed, but I didn’t sit by him, because there was only one open seat and my husband and I sat together. I rode home with him, and he dropped me off, and when I was leaving I leaned over and hugged him and he squeezed me very tight and long, and his voice cracked as he told me he loved me. I pulled away. Why? I am not extremely comfortable with demonstrative behavior. I have a hard time showing my feelings and communicating my deeper emotions. I told him I would call him on his birthday, but he said he was going on a trip, and he would probably be out of service. My greatest regret is thinking that he died not knowing that he was my hero, that I loved him more than he could possibly know, that he was the best father anyone could ask for, even if he was not perfect.

    Five days later I learned that he had died in a car accident, the day before his birthday. At first, my aunt and uncle tried to keep the fact that he’d killed himself from me, but as I cried, those little things came back and I knew he had killed himself.

    The first visitation dream I had was within the first six months after he’d died. It was the first dream I’d ever had where I knew I was dreaming. In the dream I was at a family function, although I do not know who was there. They were nameless, faceless, background people who I now think must have been other loved ones who have already passed on and whom he was with. In the dream, I knew that he should not be standing there, because he was dead. I asked him if I was dreaming, and he said yes. I asked if he was in heaven, and he said yes. Then his eyes started to glow with this amazing light, like his soul was shining through. I woke feeling such an extreme sense of peace and happiness knowing that he was in heaven.

    But still I wrestled with guilt and grief and sadness. I had another dream about him. This time we were back in the car the day we’d said our last goodbye, and I was crying and begging him not to do it, because this time I knew what was going to happen, but he just said he had to. I think this dream was him telling me that I could not have changed what happened, that it was his time and he could no longer be happy on this plane. It was time to move on to eternal happiness with God in Heaven.

    Those dreams brought me peace, and made me believe without a doubt that he was in God’s arms. I am not a religious person, and I have at times doubted his existence, although I generally believe in a higher plane of life.

    The dream that really made me believe, however, was the one on Father’s Day last year. It was four years since I had seen him. In my dream I saw Dad, and I remember asking for a sign that was undeniable proof that he was truly visiting me, that he was all right and in Heaven. Suddenly I was in the eye department of the clinic where I worked (in a different department) and different building, and I received a call from the number 444-444-4444. Strange…not really proof, right? Until I googled the phone number and came to a youtube video about a man who gets a call from this number, and it turns out to be a ghost who says, “I’m watching you.”

    I think it took a full day before I could feel my feet again. I had never heard of the movie that this clip came from (it was an Asian man and in a different language). The message was clear: Dad is watching over me.

    I dreamed again two nights ago, as we come closer to June when he died and all those memories are stirred up. I have been thinking about him a lot, and feeling the guilt anew. He came to me in my dream, but this time was so different. I knew I was dreaming, like I do when he is in my dreams, but I commented to him that it was so real. I remember falling asleep, because I had been woken about 6 am by my husband’s alarm. I turned over and fell asleep again, but as soon as I turned over it was like I had stepped into a doorway into another dimension. It was so immediate, like leaving one world behind and entering a new one. As soon as I stepped into the door, my dad appeared like he had stepped through an invisible doorway himself. I knew so clearly that I was dreaming, but also that I had never felt a dream so real feeling, so intensely real like I was not dreaming, but actually SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    We were in a vague room that was light and bright, and I was telling him I was sorry and hugging him and crying. I did not tell him why I was sorry, specifically, but I think he knew why I was sorry: for not telling him when he was alive how much he truly meant to me. He just hugged me, and I think I started to wake up, because he was started to leave, and I clung to his leg like a little girl might, sitting on her dad’s foot when she is small. I didn’t want him to go, but he had to go, but he promised that he would come back in two days. That is tonight, and I am very anxious and nervous and hopeful that he will come back. I just hope that his two days and mine are the same.

  24. Sharon

    I had a vision of my father when I was dying, and I had a vivid dream about my son that was so vivid I woke up crying and called my son and told him to stay away from anyone who wanted to do him harm and make sure not to get i to any trouble with the police. My dream was so vivid it was the third dream like this I had about my son who is still alive, the first two came true so I warned him this time. So far this dream has not came true and hopefully it will never come true.

  25. Diana

    I think I had my first ever visitation dream two nights ago. My father just passed away on March 4, 2014 following an extended illness for which we had to call in a compassionate care team and according to his wishes make him comfortable and allow him to slip off into a better world. About a week ago, I visited his grave and I asked him to give me a sign to let me know we did the right thing and he is in a much better place and where he wanted to be free from the pain and agony of the lung disease that was leaving him with no quality of life. Two nights ago, I had a dream that was completely unexpected! I was awoken in the very early morning from the very vivd dream and I was crying and out of breath from excitement of actually “seeing” my father. In the dream, me, my mother (still living), my siblings and our families were all at a concert enjoying our evening. The singer walked down a long catwalk from the mainstage to a center stage centered in the middle of the theatre. We were in the front row of the balcony. As the singer approached the center stage the seats in front of the main stage electronically turned around to face her and there was a spotlight shining on one person in what now became the front row which drew your eye to that person. She was singing a perfectly fitting song for missing someone (which I am racking my brain to recall…you know how you sometimes only remember bits of the dream). At that moment, I started crying in my dream. Crying with excitement and yelling its Dad everyone, look its Dad! Its Grandpa! There he sat looking the very same as he did in very recent days…same jacket he always wore. He looked happy! He was smiling and looking up at us in the balcony as he waved and we were all waving and crying with excitement to see him. It was at that moment that I awoke from my dream and was actually crying and breathy with the same exciting feeling of getting to see him again. I feel like that was the sign I asked for and that he was trying to wave and smile and let us know he is OK. He seemed happy! My tears of excitement to see him kind of transitioned into tears of sadness because it has made me miss him even more…perhaps because it is still recent and the reality of the rush of our every day has thrust me right back into the real world without enough time to grieve. I have visited his grave a couple times since and thanked him for the sign and asked him to keep them coming. I think they will help me to heal and eventually not have any sadness, but excitement to “see” him again! It was a bitter sweet dream…so good to see him and see him happy, yet sad to be missing him so! I really feel like it was a visitation dream…it felt so real in and right out of the dream! I certainly did not expect this, but it was a nice surprise. My sister keeps saying, “I wish I would get a sign.” She is also questioning what she believes now. Doesn’t even know if heaven is real or if she will ever see our Dad again. For me, I believe now more than ever and will definitely stay open to receiving these signs and visitations! It makes me feel like he is still here and trying to communicate with us! My Mother and I are headed to a Kellie Pickler concert at a small local theatre next Friday and we have seats in the front row of the balcony. It will definitely be on my mind! I think he would be happy that my Mother and I are spending that quality time together…he knows how much she loves Kellie Pickler. Who knows, maybe he will send another sign at the concert…maybe he will send a message through her singing to us!

  26. Sara

    I too have had several visitaions from my Dad, Grandmother and of a friend who died very recently. With my Grandma…well first of all it was October 1991 and I was to return to my Aunts’ house where my grandma was living. She told me that she would not be there when I returned for thanksgiving(she died Nov. 11). I still went to my Aunt’s house to pack up my grandma’s things and I always slept in the same room as she. The windows are long and with a thin shade over them. In the middle of the night I heard someone call my name and I woke up to this bright sunny light and my granny was standing there..healthy not the skinny person she had become before she died but she still had her cane and glasses and as I think of it I think it was so I woud recognize her. She told me that I will be okay and she was doing great. But she was standing with a me he looked like Jesus and he looked straight ahead.. no emotion or anything on his fave. He was wearing a burlap type outfit with sandals. In the morning I told my aunt what happened and she did not doubt that she came to visit me. Then I found out that she had told my aunt that out of all the grandkids I was her favorite.
    My Dad has visited me a few times but the last time I walked through a door and instantly I was in a vineyard in Italy under a huge tree with my Dad sitting and drinking glass of wine. He told me that he was just checking up on me and that he was also fine. The scenary was very beautiful and since he was an avid traveller in life, being in Italy was no surprise to me.

    My friend Rance who died…He was living in an aprtment builing in the city but all of the residents were dead. I helped him paint his kitchen and then we heard someone had just moved in next door. So we went over to greet him. Rance NEVER met a stranger.Nice guy!!! So we go next door and the guy who died was do upset…I just assumed because he died.. he looked about 32 years old. His apartment was very drab with just a table couch and a bed. So Rance had this great idea..we went back to his apartment and got some very colorful wall ornaments that Rance was not going to use and took them to the new guys place. By the time we left at least the guy had a smile on his Face and Rance told him that he would show him around later but I had to go soon ad we had to finish painting the kitchen. I thought it was interesting I could not stay past a cerain hour. Rance and I painted and talked until it was time for me to go…we hugged and he said we shall visit again soon. I walked out the door and I woke up. I have no doubt in my mind or heart that the dead speak to us…thank goodness :)

  27. Siobhan

    Last night i dreamt that an old friend who died on my sons birthday near 4 years ago… He was so in love with this one girl when he was alive. And since dying his brother has recently had a baby.
    Anyway my dream felt so real, he was with me standing in aroom with another male. He just appeared saying heres my photo. Its next to hers (pointing at a pic of his girlfriend) i just looked as if to say your gone??? But i never said the words. I spoke away to him and he pointed to the pic of his girlfriend, then one of his brother & one of his baby niece and says to me these 3 are the most important people ever to me, i love them all to bits you know, he smiled! Says hes always watching over them, then spoke of me now being married etc.
    It was such a realistic dream i awoke feeling like this had actually happened… And he was just passing a message onto me to say hes fine and still looking overthe ones he loves. Would you agree?

  28. Jean

    I’d never heard of visitation dreams before, but when I told my daughter what I experienced early this morning, she sent me this website. Unbelievable! I walked into a room and my darling husband, who passed away exactly 3 months earlier, was sitting in his chair, smiling and looking healthy. I asked him “What are you doing here? How wonderful to see you!” Went to sit on his knee, kissed the side of his neck, and hugged around his body. His face looked a bit thin and his body felt thinner than usual, but it was all so real and vivid that I’ve told everybody about it during the day, and have felt happy and positive all day long. I’m telling people that my Jim’s spirit took 3 months to circle around the globe and now has come home to me. Now when I look at the many photos of him I have around me, instead of crying, I say to him “You’re home”.

  29. celeste

    I had a dream the other day (although I was awake!). It terrfies me, I woke up at -6.15 and looked at the clock. I then saw a line of people walking past my bed. I noticed the third one down was my late husband and as he reached me I lent out to grab him but my hand just went through his body. He walked over to me and said, come with me. I said no and he repeated it, I again said no. I didn’t move, but he then walked around the bed and got in next to me, behind me and held my hand. I said I miss you and he said I know , I miss you too. He then got out of bed and stood in front of me and said come with me, again I said no, He said okay, see you later and he re joined the line of people and disappeared. I then heard my husband move next tome and I asked him what the time was, he said 06.17. I know I was awake, but am left with a terror of what he meant by come with me and see you later. I was very scared and I didn’t move the whole time.

  30. Diana

    I had dreamed of someone I knew she was my grandma but not by blood. There was a personal problem so my mother separated from her son And I haven’t seen her in about 8 years or so till I found out last year that she died of cancer.after she had passed away . I dreamed of her about three times.In my dream I am in her house we are sitting beside each other am on the couch she is in her chair that she used to sit in everyday. Well she is there sitting upward but her head in tilt down and her eyes are closed. She says nothing but I can start to feel what she is feeling which is a hug train wreck of sadness emotion that I can not handle so I begin to sob and get up to walk away because I just can’t handle it. In those three dreams she is silent with her head down and eyes close and the vibe, energy feels so sad? I never got to thank her or say good bye I miss her. My mother dreamed of her as well but in her dream she was angry maybe we just kept thinking of her but I would like your opinion people say dreams don’t mean anything but I feel like sometimes they can.

  31. Julie

    After reading these comments, I realize now that I, too, had a visitation last night from my best friend who passed. It will be nine years in June. In this visitation, I was standing still while a crowd of people I did not know, is coming toward me. In the middle, was my friend, as beautiful as ever, before she got sick, smiling wearing her crisp white blouse and sporting her long red hair, just the way she always did. I yelled out her name, she came to me, we hugged so tight, I didn’t want to let go, and I told her “I miss you so much”. She said, “Everything will be okay”. I woke up. I keep thinking about this visitation all day. What does this mean?

  32. I sat watching my TV, I saw my Mother who had passed a year before stood near my armchair .. I was so shocked I got up to hug her, I asked her over and over ”How have you got here’ She told me my Father was here too..

    I hung tightly onto her crying ,like a four year old child .. She told me’ don’t cry everything is okay, my Father was sat in a car outside my home, he looked so well and happy ..

    I asked him how have you managed to come to see me, he told me ”What you think is’ My Mother walked me back into my house and told me to ‘Tell the other’s’ I begged her to not leave me, she told me’ We are never far away, and you are always in our thoughts .. She then began to fade and disappear, I cried with both happiness and sorrow when she left me…

    This experience that felt so real to me happened one year following their deaths. They died in 1994, to this very day my experience with their visit to me will remain for me a ‘Precious Gift’

  33. Kerry

    I dreamt I was in a room and as I turned round my mum suddenly materialised in front of me. I felt really happy as she passed 9 years ago. I gave her a big hug and thought to myself how nice it was to hear her voice again. The only part of the conversation I can remember though is I asked her how dad was if she had seen him. I felt excited and expected her to tell me they were together but her voice sounded resigned and she said no she wasn’t with him and hadnt seen him and then she mumbled something like I haven’t seen anyone. I have woken up today and feel really sad and quite tearful the thought my mum could be in some sort of purgatory on her own resigned to loneliness. Dad would never abandon her he adored her and always felt her with him after she died.

  34. Bonnie

    My dear life long friend lost a mental battle he had been fighting for years. Unfortunately, he took his life to release those inner voices and no one ever really understood how much pain he was in, but I always had and never judged him for it. I was only 18 when my friend took his life, and everyone critisized how selfish it is to decide when it was “right” to pass away. I am 23 now, and I, for some strange reason, never cared and was never angry at him for what he did. Of course I was devastated when I had heard the news and wished he had reached out to someone, but I was mostly concerned about where he was now, and if he felt better and if he was happy. Well, last night I had the honor of having him visit me in my dream. And boy! did it feel real. He gave me a hug, and smiled his beaming smile. He seemed relaxed and looked like the 19 year old boy I had last known him to be. He did not say much, just a simple hello and a hug and he remained next to me for the rest of my dream. When I woke up in the morning, I still felt him next to me. It took a while for the feeling to finally evaporate, I wish he’d stayed longer. However, I am very happy and pleased that he chose me to visit. My mom and grandmother are a big believers in spirits and angels, they both say that when someone visits you in your dream it means that they have chosen to be your guardian angel and that we are their mission to protect. Because it was such a lovely time seeing, feeling, and hearing him again, I’d like to think and believe that is the case.

  35. i had a dream of my grand parents, who are dead ryt now.
    In that dream i was crying to meet them and was asking god to please help me in meeting my grandparents. After a while the visited me n we realy enjoyed.
    Still miss them……………:(

  36. Sabrina

    I had a visitation dream of my husband I do believe. It took like 2 weeks for him to come to me in my dreams after his death.
    I was crying and crying when I seen him…i could not control myself, he grabbed me so tight as i was like yelling “WHY??? WHY???” and “WHAT HAPPENED???” He just held onto me say “Shhhh, everything is going to be okay I promise” he said it so effortlessly and calm…i then stopped crying but felt it in my throat and we went to his dads car, got in and started driving around. Then I woke up feeling him, glad I got to see him but so so very much sad that his is gone.

    ~R.I.P. D.J.M.~

  37. Shan

    I had a very vivid dream of the father of a friend a few nights ago. I am searching the internet now to try to figure out how and why.

    My friend died 15 years ago. I was the funeral director and it was very difficult. I would see the family on occasion, never regularly.
    A few nights ago I had the most powerful dream. I woke up my partner to tell him because it was so strange. My friend who died was there but the person brining me places was his father – he was so happy. It was so real. I had not seem his dad since Paul died. When I woke up I figured that maybe Paul was trying to contact me. So I googled his name to find his birthday because I could not remember. When I googled his basic info his father’s picture came up immediately. He just died two months ago – at 59. I do not know the circumstances of his death. I had no idea. I think he was trying to let someone know he is okay. I am currently trying to find his family to tell them.

  38. Kat

    I used to have a boss (a lady) who I got on with extremely well. I was very upset when she was made redundant. She didn’t live nearby so we lost touch. some years later I had a dream about her. I didn’t think too much of it so can’t remember much detail, but it did make me think of the good old days. I said to my husband that it was strange that I should just dream about her. It wasn’t as if anyone at work had been talking about her. That night I went to bed, I dreamt that my husband and I had gone to see her. We knocked at the door and she opened it with and smiled. Come in she said. Her husband was sat with her and her Grandaughter was playing quietly. She seemed very busy so I said to my husband “come on let’s go as Janet is busy with her family. We got up to go and she said “don’t go, I want to show you something, come on”. I thought it was strange that her husband was with her as he had left her about a year before she was made redundant and had gone to live with this younger woman. She had been upset about it as she really loved him and told me it was better second time around as she had been married before. She opened the side door and beckoned my husband and i to follow them. They were happily walking along the lovely green grass – she was encouraging me to follow her when all of a sudden I was walking through a small archway and came to an abrupt stop as the earth had been dug away and there was a green carpet laid out into it. I nearly fell into the hole. I looked at her at the other side of the hole and said “why did you do that”. At the time in my dream I didn’t think cemetery or death – all I was thinking is where is Janet taking me. I felt really hurt that she wanted me to fall into this hole. When I awoke I told my husband that I had another dream of her. He went into the kitchen to start the breakfast.
    Having had phsychic feeling before (not always about dead people) but that someone will come today that I haven’t seen for years and they do and a strange experience when my father died. I said to my husband “I hope she hasn’t died”. I got my iPad out and typed obituaries, her name and town and it came up right away. She had died the week before. The obituary notice said she leaves a loving husband? They must have got back together as in my dream. I rang work and told them and the girls couldn’t believe she had died. After I thought about the dream I realised the archway could be part of a cemetery. The green carpet is what they put over the newly dug grave. In my dream she was ok, happy and content. It was as if I had really been there. It was so crystal clear and if I was an artist I could even have drawn the furniture, where her husband sat etc. I had never been to her house so maybe it wasn’t even her house. All I know is that the dream was so strong and real that there must be something after we die.

  39. anonymous

    I had three to four dreams with my deceased cusin.the first one was just a surprise that i could see him but by the rhird one i knew i was dreaming and actually told him that i was and that i was going to wake up he miled and just laughed.i had another dream last night and i told him again that he was dead and he stared at me like i was crazy .but i also see other family members there that are not dead.i could have up to two or three dreams and he would be in all of them in one night.And i was actually waiting and knew that i was going to wake up eventually. I actually looked up at the sky in my dream and visibly saw the sky change ,the clouds passing faster until i saw it change into the ceiling of a room and then i saw my current living wife look down at me and i woke up .Me and ny cusin were really close i consider him my brother .those thi mean anything can anyone help me please!!!!!

  40. Destiny

    When I was 16 a family friend died of cancer and I went to the funeral . As looked at her face it did not look like the same lady I new I didn’t even cry I was just in shock and that visual of her face wouldn’t leave my mind for three days I kept seeing her face . On the forth day I had a dream she was sitting in the park with my grandma and friends an I walked into the park and saw them I went up to all them and gave them a kiss like aI would normally do In reality when I walked into the park and see all of them. When I saw her I look at her and she looked like the way I remembered her and I said “wow it’s like you never left ” she told me I’m doing fine . I woke up feeling way better and the visual of her in the casket left my mine………..

    About 5 days ago my bf dog passed away and I was super hurt I found him dead in the morning is dead face wouldn’t leave my mind it was one of the worst days of my life we had to
    Cremate him that same day I nearly went crazyy when I found him dead . Later that day the house was empty every one was full of sorrow and quiet . I took a nap in the middle of that same day he died . I had a dream
    With him he was in my room rolling around on my bed I was standing looking at him smiling as i look to the side of me he was next to me and he was talking to me and I said to him “wow it’s like you never left” he had a weird accent when he spoke to me he was speaking to me about his death experience and telling me how everything is ok , as he spoke to me the other dog was still rolling around on the bed but the other dog was his to. It felt beautiful touch his beautiful soft fur . As Mickey was speaking he started to walk out the room I was following him as we walked out the room the sun was shinning bright Mickey entered the other room still taking to me and he Invited me to the room and I said “I can’t ” and he left threw the window and I woke with a smile on my face an told I had a dream with Mickey and he said he was ok . I’m my opinion Mickey spoke to me because I can control
    My dreams and I am a lucid dreamer and Iam capable of controlling my dreams before Mickey passed away I was having sleep Terrors twice or three times a week Because I would get into deep thought and fall asleep and have no control of my mind while sleeping …. I am more then blessed to have this ability because I got see my friend again .

  41. I commented above, but I ended up expanding upon my comment and blogging about it here:

    I only wish I could have them more often, and on command! If only I could end a crummy day saying, “Dad, will you come visit tonight?”

    From what I have researched and read, it is not easy for spirits to visit us, even in our dreams, so I am always thankful when I do have a visitation dream!

  42. veronda

    i have been having dreams or vision for some time now . I dreamed that my aunt came to me and siad the dr. gave her 6 months to live. aunt was fine 6 month came it was my mother day before that happens i was seening in a dream a white casket and a small voice ask me where will we do the repass after the furnal she died less than a week not sick but she had complication from congesitve heart failure. dont understand

  43. Louise

    I have been searching for answers to questions that I have and I think I found them reading this site. Thank you so much!! My fiancee passed away 5 weeks ago and I struggle very much with his death and the loss. I have had more questions than answers. Thanks again

  44. Veronica

    Just had my 3rd visitation dream… This is the response I sent to my brother after having a visitation dream last night and being greeted to an email delivered to me the next day (TODAY) saying my grandmother would have been 90 years old today. My brother calls me boogie… Seriously? This is HIGHLY FREAKY. I literally had a dream last night that Jason, the kids, Mom and I were staying at Grandmom Jean’s house. I could hear her voice. J thought I was crazy, but mom heard her voice, too. Then the boys literally fall of the bed and Grandmom Jean catches them in mid air and Jason witnesses this. He can’t see her, but admits she must be there. I thank Grandmom for watching them. I cry and ask her if she likes her grandbabies and I hear her say, “Yes. I love them.” Jason, did and admitted he thought we were bonkers. Next thing you know Albert, Kendra, and our aunts show up. Albert brings all these famous NFL players and rappers. And we all see Grandmom Jean. Then Aretha Franklin shows up singing and dancing. Jason takes pictures with all his favorite celebrities and his phone is jammed, just sending out all his pics he took to his buddy. I hide the camera in the bathroom and one of the athletes (who knows who this guy really was) gets it back from me.

    I think Grandmom Jean wanted to send a message that she misses birthday parties or something. WOW.

    That is the second time that I dreamt about someone on a day specific from them. The first time was when we were living in Alaska and I dreamt about Amelia Harris (Remember her and Seth?). I hadn’t thought of her in YEARS. Then like 2-3 days later mom calls me and says that she overdosed a few days ago—the day she died. I truly believe there is a connection between us after we pass now. This confirms it to me.

    Nope. The first time was when Granddad passed and all I saw was peaches related (peach lemonade from Olive Garden, peach milkshake from McD’s, Peaches and Herb sining on the radio while I got my hair done for the funeral…) Remember where they lived and I sucked at visiting them during those college years???

    Our family likes to show off it seems from the great beyond!

    Ok, so I know this is gruesome, but I will screw around with your bath towels if I kick the bucket before you do. You will know it was your boogie shnoogie pissing you off again when they aren’t there in the bathroom, wet already, or tossed on the floor when you come out of the shower. This way you know I will always be your sister and love you from all planes and dimensions. Don’t freak out. I’m happy and fine. Chill, dude!

    Thanks for the reminder of GJ.

  45. Chloe

    Last night I dreamt of my grandfather. He died almost 2 years ago. It was the best dream I could have encountered. I’m not sure if it was indeed a visitation dream, but it gave me a sense of love. In the dream, I was with a friend who knew my grandfather, and we were walking along a fence. Then, I looked to see my grandfather and I grew so excited and joyful. It was the happiest I’ve been since his death. He showed me that my mom was around the corner listening to my friend and I, I feel that this maybe his way if showing me that my mom, his daughter, does what she does because she loves me. I told her I knew she was there because of him, and he remained in front of me, smiling but not speaking. He looked so happy and full of life, no trace of cancer was visible. And the odd thing was that I was the only one who saw him. I made if aware that he was there, but only I could see him. Ever since he died, my mother, at least this is what I think, does not want to believe that he is dead, so we have yet to visit him in the mausoleum. Personally, I want to be visited by him so often. I lost so much of myself when he passed and I want to be able to see him. I’m only young, not even out of high school yet, and too see him more often, I feel like it will bring back my happiness, and allow me to get out of this mourning depression I feel that I have fallen into.

  46. Triana

    A very close friend of mine that was also my boyfriend and considered my soul mate at one point of my life, passed about two years ago. The day he passed away I was in complete shock, couldn’t eat or anything. That night while I was asleep I felt him right next to me, i opened my eyes and saw him with long hair and everything was foggy yet i could see him perfectly, he kissed me goodbye. And ever since I still can’t believe he’s gone so I long to dream of him as much as I can so i won’t miss him too much. He visited me last night and more times as well. I love having him back, even for a couple minutes/seconds. Makes me feel like we’re not alone in this world.

  47. deanna

    Hi, my father has recently passed on and I dreamt last night that he was burried in a mausoleum. It felt like he’s been there for awhile and that his decomposition did happen. I was in there with his body. It felt dark outside. I can’t figure out Why I was there since I went to his funeral where he was buried in the ground. Any way I noticed his stone and casket was open in the mausoleum like his casket had a stone box around his casket. Then all of a sudden he was out of the stone box and casket and slumped on the floor of the mausoleum. Then I woke up. I thought maybe his grave has been disturbed by an angry brother whom was casted from the family. I don’t understand the meaning of this dream. Help.

  48. Maria

    A very close person to me and my husband his name is graham who we thought of as our Son that we never had and always said we were is second parents, committed suicide Nov 2013, ive had 4 very real dreams of him and in all the dreams he tell’s me that he is not dead he his still hear he looks so happy and well, i hold him and tell i love him i never ask why he did what he did. Is this Graham telling he’s ok ?,in the morning i feel so happy but then later on i feel so sad because it felt so real. Can some help me understand my dreams i do talk to him all the time about whats going on with me and people he new. I’m i doing the right thing by talking to Graham ?

  49. Steve Costello

    There is a build-up to the event, a leaving party. It is as though the person is visiting several departments at a place of work. People are expressing sadness, anger, frustration . . . a range of emotions relating to unfinished business. Until ‘the leaver’ visits a room where there is only one other person. She expresses regret that she finished a relationship (40 years ago)where everything was wonderful; a passionate love affair. It is me that she is referring to and while she regrets, she is at peace. This was an incredibly vivid dream that awoke me at 4:30 a.m. when I grabbed a pen and paper. I have thought about her occasionally during the last forty years but, only as a teen girlfriend. I know that she passed over at around 4:30 this morning. For that I feel sad but I am smiling because she was happy. I will post again once I can verify that this was not just a dream.

  50. I had a visitation dream 2 nights ago. It felt as real as it could get. A little confusing but just so real. Everyone talks of people who have recently passed away… In my dream my grandfather who passed over 30 years ago came to me. I was taking a nap on a big comfortable bed and in walks my grandfather. He walked around the bed and sat in a chair and leaned over to me. In my head I knew it was quite out of place but when he started talking all I was saying to myself is THIS IS ACTUALY MY GRANDFATHERS VOICE!! I haven’t heard him talk since I was about 14, but when he talked in my dream I knew it was real. He said “I love you” and then something to the affect of “It’s going to be alright. Just get yourself together… You’re
    a great person” I can not picture/hear his EXACT voice in my head right now no matter how hard I try- but in the dream it was him talking to me!!!

  51. Ju Williams

    I have two brothers that where murdered a year and a week apart. I am the baby girl of the family therefore, I was close to both of them. For some reason I only have visitation dreams of my oldest brother. At the time of his death I knew something was wrong. I felt a real heaviness and need to pray but, didn’t ow what to pray for. When my second brother died I didn’t have the same experience. He and I had gotten extremely closer because of our oldest brother. Why is it that I don’t get visitations from him just my oldest brother?

  52. Peggy

    I have had very vivid dreams since I was a small child. I have dreams with my Mom,Dad,other family,neighbors,celebrities and people I knew but not personally. I am 56 years old now and It makes sense to me dreaming of family but I don’t understand why I dream of others,especially those I barely knew or never met at all, Elvis for example (although I met him in a dream ten years after he passed).

    There is one dream I had about 3 months after my Mom was killed in an auto accident. There is no doubt in my mind that she came to see me. It started with my sister and I lying on mom’s bed. My mom walked in and over to the side my sister was on and gave her a hug. By the time she was coming around to me I was up and at the foot of the bed. As she hugged me I asked her how she got here and she said I asked if I could come see you and they said I could.

    Of all my many dreams (and I remember many of them) this one was by far the best!

  53. patricia

    I had a dream where this man came to see a child i had.but in rreal life i am not pregnant or recently had a baby.there were other poeple to my kids my husband and my family member including my brother and his wife who are the dream they had just come home from the hospiatl as did i and they came to show us their babii they had a baby boy and i had a baby girl. And that when i seened the man he came up to me in the bed with the baby and he was crien and he said he was really happy to see the baby and i touched his face and said its a very happy moment your a great grandpa. I told my husband and described the man to him and he said it had to be his grandpa.he passed away when he was i think three. Could that have really been his grandpa??.i never hav met him or seen pictures of him!!

  54. Tony V.

    Back in 2012 around November I went to a tattoo shop to get a tattoo on my back, I drank before I started my ink session and when I got home(I was picked up) my mom gave me some advil to releave some of the pain, but I forgot I was drunk I don’t know how I forgot but I did so I drugged my self by accident, the entire night I was loopy until finally I was completely knocked out, I drempt a women who looked like my grandma (shes still alive) but it wasn’t her, she told me in my dream that she was a forgotten sibiling who has been dead for many years, her skin looked burned but she was in a red dress floating over me while I layed on a feald of what I think was wheat, she told me she had died a couple months after her birth, she wanted me to tell my grandmother that she Is fine but for her not to forget her own sister, she also gave me some instructions to do when I wake up;
    1: ask your mom if your grandma had a dead sister. She will say no
    2: your mom will call your grandmother and she will not remember at first but give some time and she will
    3: your grandma will explain how I died.

    all of that came true, my grandmother’s sister died at two months from a burning like feeling sensation on her skin, pain was so great that it killed her. my family was freaked out it raised a lot of questions like how was I able to speak to her?, till this day Iv never spoken to her again and never had a dream like that again.

  55. Sam Rodger

    I’ve just woken up from the dream and decided to google it to see if anyone else had had a similar experience which could potentially explain what happened… I haven’t found much but saw that I could add comments to the page, so I’ve decided to write the dream down, both as a means to document it and also see if anyone can offer opinion on it.
    I’ve only been asleep for 40mins, before I woke up from the dream, the time is now 00:32, and I fell asleep at around 11:20. To begin with, as I’ve just woken up my grammar and storyline may lack clarity but please bear with me.

  56. Sam Rodger

    I found myself in my parents living room, but it has a counter, like the ones you get in currency exchange places with the small letter box opening to pass your details between the cashier, but this cash desk was made from mahogany, some dark wood. Also my parent living room was also on it’s own just a single room at the top of a drive, so exposed to the elements from all sides.
    I’m sitting behind this desk and I see my dad walk up this drive to my left and behind him is my grandad, who passed away a little over 3 years now. Although my dad was solid like human but my grandad had this paler look to him and was also glistening as though he was wet or was made of diamonds/ crystals as he was reflecting the sunlight.
    Anyway my dad approached this cashier desk, their was some post on the floor outside the desk so he pushed it through the letter box opening onto my side of the desk. Then walked round into the room I was in via a side door. The wind then catches some of the post as I was collecting it and deposits it back on the floor. My grandad then picks it up and passes it through the post box. At this point I can’t believe that my grandad (we called him Bumpa) is alive and tell my dad, who then says I’m imaging things and he’s not there, I then push the letters back through the letter box onto the other side and tell Bumpa to post them through again to watch and I believe he sees the letters float off the ground and though the post box again. My dad can’t see Bumpa do it only me, my dad is pretty amazed at this point I then ask Bumpa to pass a piece of paper between each of his hands to try and prove to my dad that he is real, he does this and again my dad is amazed, and believes that Bumpa is there. Straight after this I then wake up.

  57. Sam Rodger

    I wake up really afraid at what I had just seen for a number of reasons:
    1.the fact that he was so clear to me, every detail on his face, every bit of stubble is picture perfect. Usually in dreams I don’t remember face detail, etc. only that that person was in the dream, and maybe the couloir of their clothes, this dream was completely different!
    2.everything that happened was quite logical and consecutive, sometimes in dreams I’m all over the place, in this dream I was in 1 position, just behind the counter, inside and I stayed their for the duration of the dream
    3. His appearance, I’ve dreamt about him before, probably around 3 years ago, in that dream though his appearance was very life like, this time he was quite pale, you could still see colour coming through, but it was quite saturated. Also the whole glistening thing, which was really strange, as though he was wet or made of crystals??

    Anyway, I’ve tried to describe my dream, to the best of my ability, having just woken up. There are probably quite a few grammar errors, but try and read past them, thanks.

    Any input from anyone to maybe shed some light on what i experienced would be very much appreciated. Also if you have any questions on the dream I’ll be more than happy to respond to them, to the best of my ability though as the memory is fading fast.

    I hope you have enjoyed and I look forward to hearing anything.


  58. Nadine

    2 nights ago I had a dream that was quite random as most of my dreams are. this one however was a tad different than my regular ones. It started out quite random. I was in a room that had a shallow pool. The pool was empty and had red felt at the bottom like a pool table. (I dream a lot about pools, but normally deep water filled pools) This room was a gate to an airport.I was waiting in line with my ticket, and the stewardess (wearing a blue vest and white shirt) guided everyone in line. Next thing I knew, I was in a black car with seats that faced each other. (like a limo) I began to enter this deep meditative state. Doing this certain meditation allowed you to communicate with those who have died, and only the person doing it could see them.) Once I was fully in the meditative state, I awoke. (Still in the car) Sitting directly across from me were my great grandparents. Clear as day. Just how I remembered them when i was little. We didn’t speak to each other, but I could feel their presence and and theirs mine. They smiled and waved to me. But it was kind of in a slow motion. It was quite calming peaceful and vivid!
    – Though I knew my great grandfather, He died when I was real young, so I don’t remember much abut him.(I was born in 85) Makes the dream extra cool! It’s real interesting too because my great grandmother was quite religious. She had 2 visions of Jesus while living :)
    I had another brief dream during my teen ears about the same great grandmother. Sky was clear with a few clouds, smiling and she said “you’re doing great”

  59. Robin Galle

    My firs visitation dream was in the mid 90’s. I was struggling w some family business and was concerned. My Dad came to me in a dream and told me it would be ok. I felt peaceful from that moment and he was indeed correct.

    The last few, for a week or so, have been from someone I loved very much. He was very ill and died two weeks ago. He has visited me several times since. He hugs me and gives me much love, then is gone. I feel like I am really awake and can hear all the street noise outside. When he leaves I just open my eyes. It always leaves me with a peaceful loving feeling. Am not able to express this to my usual bunch of friends b/c I don’t think they would believe me. No matter, I know it happened and I will always welcome him anytime.

  60. anthony

    My grandmother passed away 2 months ago at the age of 91.when we took her body back to the Dominican Republic for burial, I got really spooked by her house. When we came back to our house in NY, I wouldn’t step foot in her room. And if the door was open, I would close it. About 2 weeks after her death I had a visitation dream. In the dream my entire family was having dinner and my grandmother walked down the stairs. We all got scarred because we knew she was dead. My mother gets up and tells her “mom you look great”, my grandmother replied “I’m fine I’m 75, looked how I walked down those stairs without any help. Look how I pull this chair out and I sit and stand up with no help”. I got out of my chair and a walked up to her crying, telling her I missed her and loved her so much. She grabbed me by my shoulders and told me to stop crying that she was fine. And to let her go. I never had a dream like this I woke up crying and went to her room and when I walked in it smelled like if she was there. I would love to know the meaning of this dream

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